Teach First

It's so nice to see that a campaign I recently produced and directed for Teach First has made it into the national press, The Mirror, Daily Mail, Independent and the Metro. 





Son of Sweeney & Skype

I've been producing a documentary this month with Son of Sweeney and Skype - we battled with the elements in the Basque country and Holland -looking forward to sharing the finished film!



Global Radio

Nice to see the work with Global Radio and Darcus Beese from Island Records out! 

Green Cave People

Lots of adventures were had this month while working with Green Cave People! Filming in Senegal and Colombia for a new film. 

Doc Con

Q&A I did with Doc Con is up - public speaking is not my forte! :? 

Mikael Seifu

Stella Scott and I were pretty excited to work with rising Ethiopian musician Mikael Seifu on his London Tour in August - http://pitchfork.com/features/rising/9689-mikael-seifu-searches-for-the-lost-beat/ 

Thanks Doc Con

Thanks Doc Con London for a great screening - loved sharing Revolutions with everyone and meeting the other filmmakers. Looking forward to the next one! 

My Ride - Shorts on Tap Screening

Great to hear that My Ride will be screening at the Women in Revolt Shorts on Tap screening on October 22nd. shortsontap.com/short-movies/women-in-revolt-perpetual-cycle/ 

Storyhunter Blog

Nice to see a recent interview I did for Storyhunter about Revolutions is up! 



So excited for My Ride to be part of this years Underwire festival - up for Best Cinematography ! 

Ted X Event - The Power of Film

I've been busy in Thailand shooting and working with Ted X in Chiang Mai to curate their next event 'The Power of Film'.