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The House of St.Barnabas - Shooting Producer

Series of short films and music and cultural events that I produced for the homeless charity The House of St.Barnabas. The series featured Jarvis Cocker, Martin Creed, Andrew Ashong, Hejira, Denai Moore. 

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Teach First - Shooting PD

Film campaign working with children in schools across the country to re-imagine popular managerial terms - picked up by the national press. 


Whole Education Campaign Film - Shooting PD 

Fundraising film centered around education charity, Whole Educations, annual conference. 


Medical Aid Films - Maternal Healthcare Education films - Shooting PD

I produced and shot footage for four maternal health films in Thailand and Burma.

Involved gaining access to sensitive and restricted-access health institutions in Burma.


One World Media - Short Documentary - Shooting PD 

Twenty-five minute documentary, commissioned by One World Media, that I shot and produced in Cape Town, South Africa about a social circus and social enterprise. 


Ted Talks - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Curator & Producer 

Ted X Talks curation and content recording in Chiang Mai, Thailand.